>>Bleeting<< in my sleep

This morning we made our way towards the front door only to see Sweetie, the 15 year old Angora goat we inherited, standing on the deck, staring at us through the glass door. We had missed a couple of days feedings and felt terribly guilty. We are new to caring for livestock. We were heading out to the barn to scoop out her daily ration of grain (oats/corn/molasses), but she seemed to have beat us to it.

[Side note: as I’m reviewing on Google what ‘goat grain’ consists of, I’m learning that a 100% grain diet is not good for goats. Mental note: Start supplementing Sweetie with hay as well]

Sweetie followed us down to the barn, hopping down the stairs, avoiding the wood arched bridge, but instead carefully footing down and up the narrow, bed of the dry creek.

Out 30 minutes for an errand and now we are wondering 1) how is Sweetie escaping? and 2) where is Sweetie now?



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